Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drank and Dank - Beyond Faded

1.Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul ft. Tree - Ball
2.G4 Boyz - MOB
3.Ray Cash - What You Waitin' Fo (Prod. Clockwork Music Group)
4.Young AJ ft. Trick Daddy - On My Job
5.NOE ft. BlLACK & SHOOTA - We Still Hustlin (Prod. Track Dealers)
6.Richmond Rab ft. Jonny Depp & Juelz Santana - Hammer
7.Pop-A-Lot ft. Sun & Mykko Montana - All About
8.Grandson & 2 Chainz - Doin Numbaz
9.Murdah Baby ft. Freck Billionaire & Young Donn - Flatline That
10.Czar (King of Va) - GTG Anthem (Produced By Moc Dix)
11.Pop-A-Lot ft. Fat Trel - Ghetto Terrorist
12.Bo Kane ft. Gorilla Zoe - Money On My Mind
13.40 Glocc ft. OJ the Juiceman, Chamillionaire, Sun - Money
14.Ray Cash Feat. Fly Tye - Bang (Prod. Clockwork Music Group)
15.Dutch Capital X KingPen Slim - Shooters
16.Folkz - Side Door
17.TipToe ft. 40 Glocc & Kurupt - Heart Made of Steel
18.B.James - Ball 2Day
19.Skooda Chose - Suicide
20.Young Noble - Son of God
21.Buffalo Stille (Nappy Roots) ft. GT Garza, Nyche, & Audio Stepchild- One On These Mornings

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sun ft. Duelle - I Wanna Try It (Coming Soon)

Sun's single featuring Miami's Duelle will be released on iTunes this week. Duelle are sisters whose style is difficult to quantify, but they refer to it as "Electro-Pop with a Hip-Hop Swag."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

40 Glocc ft. Sun - Local Boyz [In Studio Performance]

Sun - Demonstration

Sun ft Kurupt - We Don't Give A Fuck

Sun - I'm Ill (Behind The Verse)

The Doc delivered the diagnosis/ I'm addicted to the dollars & my time's approaching/ somebody told me, richer or are you going to die broker/stack stacks until the skies open/I get it in, I win/ I'm trill I'm ill/ I'm sick, I'm hot, I'm rich they not/ sleeping on the man like comatose/ if cash is the cure I must of overdosed/ for the paper I'm so impatient/ so the doc prescribed me money for my medication/I get my check up, you should of seen my last check/ it had more numbers than a math test/ my money long, they money gone/if being broke is a joke these niggas funnybone/tthis ain't fun and games this a epidemic/ I'm a cannibal (BIL as in billion), an animal (MIL as in million)/ motherfucker I'm ill

We spoke to  @Sun_Days about his first verse on I'm Ill.
  "I'm Ill" Q & A after the cut.

What's the most underrated hustle in rap?
Self branding!! Hands down. Once you have branded yourself as a "product," not just a "rapper/artist" you open doors for countless avenues for revenue!! Selling verses, charging for shows, appearnces, product endorsements, etc...

Why did this beat make you think about getting money?
Everything makes me think about getting money, lol. Im a hustla baby!! Not just that though. In Hip-Hop people brag on things that are hearsay, rumors, or just plain ole lies. I like to stick to the facts. At the time of the composition of this song I was touching the most money I had ever touched in my life. I was living what I
 was writing. Getting money will always be something i can relate to

Have you ever told someone that they were funnybone?
Lol. Definitely!! Thats for the guys with the middle of the mall jewelry, but acting like they balling or that they're "stunnas," but only ball around income tax time, lol. They fronting with they lil money. Funnybone type dudes.

What's a mistake you made being impatient for the money?
I have turned down several deals being too PATIENT with money, or being comfortable with my finances at that particular time. As far as being impatient, I have definitely takin the "now" chump change money instead of holding out for the larger sum of money. It's hard to judge whats right to do in those situations when that occurred though. So i dont feel bad or regret it.

Obviously to get money you got to work, what's your typical work day as an artist when your in your town?
First and most importantly....NO SLEEP. I stay on my laptop & phone for most of the day emailing, texting, conference calls,. writing verses, & business calls, etc. Thinking outside of the box to get inside of the bank!!

How does it differ on the road?
Only difference on the road is that I mingle with the local media more (radio station, local hang outs, popular artist from the area I'm in etc...but i always stay close to my laptop & phone!

How do you get so much work with overseas artists?
They love me! Its mutual though. I think they see the impact I have globally. Not just me but my Zoo Life/ G-Unit family as well. I also get alotta work in with artists/producers from USA, but the Europeans & Aussies love what I do so we often work together. Its a learning & humbling experience each time!!

How did you make the first dollar you ever earned as an artist?
GREAT QUESTION!! Selling my cd!! Hand to hand at a gas station. I still have fans from then too. 40 Glocc taught me that hustle & i will never forget it!! That was pivotal for me musically, financially, & mentally!!

Click cover to DL.

Sun - Tunnel Vision (Interactive Mixtape)

Fully interactive mixtape. Click play on the video to hear full CD, or click a song title to hear an individual track. You will be returned to the main menu when the song is completed, or click the middle of the cover at any time to return. Download full mixtape with 3 more songs here.

Sun - That's Wut I'm On

Sun ft. Fat Pimp - Go Live

Sun - Where There's a Will (Prod. Jon Black)

Sun. ft. Billidee & Datrill - On My Body

Sun ft. Slim Thug - Round & Round